I am a Computer Science student, System’s Administrator, and lately a Software QA trench-fighter. I have a strong interest in economics, statistics and the NBA. For this blog, I write as The NBA Anti-Expert because I think that the NBA is rife with people who have little academic interest in basketball who call themselves experts on the subject. Further I think that the title ‘expert’ is irrevocably tangled with the logical fallacious appeal to authority (if you don’t know about that, ask Aristotle, or Google if you can’t reach him). I feel that the title expert is used to unduly legitimize someone’s  arguments and discourage critical listening/reading in the audience being addressed. I also think that if you really understand your subject, then it is not necessary to appeal to your own authority, because most things that don’t rely on advanced exotic mathematics can be broken down in such a way as to be comprehensible to interested lay readers.